BlogEvolving in MarketingFi: The Rebranding of Cookie3

Evolving in MarketingFi: The Rebranding of Cookie3

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Antoni Boruszak

Marketing Manager

20 Mar '24

Green is the symbol of freshness and prosperity. We chose it as our new main theme that symbolizes change, value retention, and rewards flowing towards the MarketingFi economy users.



Cookie3 recently unveiled a groundbreaking manifesto that showed the bigger picture of how we see Cookie3 play a key part in growing and popularizing the MarketingFi economy. This marks the beginning of a new era for Cookie3, where we aim to facilitate fair value distribution by connecting businesses, creators, and users.

The launch of MarketingFi coincides with Cookie3's rebranding, which is part of our official transition from a solely B2B Web3 Analytics app into a stack of MarketingFi and AI Data layer solutions for Web3 businesses, creators, and users. Let's explore what this means for our exciting client and the broader Web3 economy.

What does MarketingFi stand for?


Web2 marketing is flawed. A staggering 95% of the marketing budget is wasted on customers who don’t convert. This amounts to almost 230 billion dollars for Goole alone – more than the GDP of Greece!

Web3 marketing is not perfect either. Quests, airdrops, and referral platforms often attract low-quality users who contribute little to the ecosystem. Who wants to participate in an airdrop where 80% of tokens get allocated to bots?

By leveraging wallet analytics and a MarketingFi AI data layer, we revolutionize the status quo.

• No bots slip past to grab and dump a token at airdrop. Web3 Al Analytics catches them all.

• Quality users receive higher rewards, drive the project value, and are motivated to build ecosystems and communities further.

• Creators support projects that correspond with their audiences as they get rewarded for bringing quality users only.

• Businesses spend marketing budgets only based on conversion.

• Marketing value is retained in the ecosystem as new tokens emerge to disperse it among its supporters.

Businesses, creators, and users are all welcome to take advantage of MarketingFi, and the new branding of Cookie3 will embrace this opportunity.


For 2.5 years, Cookie3 delved into data analytics from a Web3 marketer's perspective, creating a product used by over 170 teams. 

Now, we enhance inclusivity in Web3 marketing. The fresh Cookie3 branding symbolizes the smooth and fair interaction among businesses, users, and creators. It stays true to Cookie3’s core value of data-driven marketing while amplifying its innovative spirit.

New Branding but Analytics Stay the Same

Even though Cookie3 enters the new markets, an analytics app for Web3 marketers is still the cornerstone of Cookie3's offering. Last week, we integrated four new blockchains (Ronin, chiliz, Manta, Blast), and by the end of March, we’ll implement new features bringing Web3 marketing to the next level. 

What Can Users Expect?

Cookie3 revolutionized Web3 marketing by making marketing attribution and user analytics data-driven. Then, we released the Cookie3 Airdrop Shield which has reshaped airdrop campaigns, empowering Web3 teams to block bots and airdrop hunters while rewarding dedicated community members.

But that's not all - we're also launching a platform for Web3 users, creators, and KOLs, taking the Cookie3 tool stack to the next level of completeness.



MarketingFi is here to stay and the rebranding marks the Cookie3 contribution to the new, transparent, and inclusive future of marketing.

Explore our website, socials, communities, and brandbook to dive into the vibe of the revamped Cookie3 brand.

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