MarketingFi Protocol
& AI Data Layer.
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by Cookie DAO
AI data layer for:
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The first open MarketingFi economy shared between users, creators, and businesses.


Twitter followers

aggregated from Key Opinion Leaders within the Cookie3 ecosystem.


dApps and Web3 projects

integrated Cookie3 Analytics and joined the MarketingFi ecosystem.


processed wallets

on 18+ EVM chains including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base and Linea.


multichain transactions

processed by Cookie3 Tracking Engine and used for training LLMs

Cookie3 products and platforms for the new digital economy

AI-powered Google Analytics for Web3 Projects

#1 tool for Web3 businesses to pass marketing budgets directly onto quality users who drive projects forward.

Wallets processed: >1B
Business clients: >200

Marketing funnel

Understand website user traffic to optimize wallet connections and on-chain activity conversions.

Cookie3 Affiliate

The First Decentralized Affiliate Protocol for KOLs

The biggest KOL aggregator in Web3 dispersing rewards among organic & engaged audiences.

KOLs registered: 17,432+
Total follower base: 372M

Built with top Web3 KOLs

World’s most recognised Web3 KOLs in one place, sharing the current alphas.

Your network matters

Share alpha with your community and get early access to the most exclusive deals in Web3. It’s a win-win.

Cookie3 Affiliate

Web3 on-off-chain reputation system

Build your MarketingFi DID. Check your MarketingFi score. Claim rewards for being a quality user across Web3 ecosystems.

Waitlist users: 232K+

Build your Cookie3 Score

See your score grow as you use your favourite dApps. Invite friends, and boost your reputation even further. Just be your Web3 self.

Engage with Web3 projects for future airdrops & rewards.

Check your Cookie3 Score & gain instant exposure to future rewards.

Forget quests & sit tight.

Don't jump from platform to platform fulfilling airdrop tasks. Just be a quality Web3 user, do your thing, and let projects come to you.

Backed by top institutional investors

Designed to disrupt the digital marketing industry


Three Platforms, One Token

The Cookie DAO powered $COOKIE captures value across Cookie ecosystem.

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$COOKIE unlocks access to multiple airdrops from projects within the
Cookie3 Logo ShapeCookie3 ecosystem

$Cookie utilities

By Cookie DAO

In the press

Cookie3 MarketingFi AI Ecosystem

The digital marketing industry is set to reach $650B by 2028 and mostly benefit advertising giants.
This has to change. Cookie3 revolutionizes marketing through decentralization.

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