BlogEmail - The Unsung Hero of Web3 Marketing by JUMP Community's Jeff Kauffman

Email - The Unsung Hero of Web3 Marketing by JUMP Community's Jeff Kauffman

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Antoni Boruszak

Marketing Manager

22 Dec '23

In the fast-paced world of Web3 marketing, where new-age platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram dominate the scene, Jeff Kauffman, a seasoned marketer at JUMP Community, proved the power of email marketing by driving 89% of new NFT mints and challenging the status quo in the ever-evolving Web3 landscape.


Introduction - Mailing vs X, Telegram and Discord

Imagine a world where cutting-edge tech meets old-school experience. This is the story of Jeff Kauffman, a marketing wizard with 15 years under his belt, leading the charge at JUMP - the biggest community for Web3 marketers.

Jeff's marketing stack is full of flashy new tools: Twitter's quickfire tweets, Discord's buzzing chats, Telegram's endless threads. But he wondered, in this high-tech arena, could something as classic as email still hold its own?

The Cookie3 Challenge

Curious, Jeff teamed up with Cookie3 for a unique challenge. He wasn't just after clicks or site visits. No, he wanted to see which channel really made people take Web3 action – by tracking NFT mints. With UTM links and on-chain goals, Jeff was ready to dive into attribution analytics.

The Surprise Winner

The results were a real eye-opener. Against all odds, a good old email came out on top. 

It’s responsible for 89% of new NFT mints whereas channels like Twitter and LinkedIn were underperforming. What’s more, it drove exceptionally high avg. time spent on site, which most probably contributed to on-chain transaction conversion. 

Data from the actual campaign, measured by Cookei3 and divided by different communication channels, can be found below.


It's a twist that might raise eyebrows in the Web3 world, where newer usually means better. But it turns out, email's still got it, just like Digital Commerce 360 and Bizrate Insights research backs up:


Email Marketing in Web3: Jeff’s Perspective

So, what's the secret sauce of email in a world buzzing with blockchain and NFTs? 

Let’s hear it from Jeff himself:

“While email might seem old school, it’s actually very aligned with Web3 values. It’s a channel where control is in the hands of the user and they can opt out at any time. Thus, when someone opts in to receive communication from a brand, they’re much more likely to take action. 

I always lean into strategies that empower the community, and place control in their hands. This is why I still love email marketing.”


Jeff Kauffman's experience with Cookie3 is more than just a case study. It's a story that shows us sometimes the best tools are the ones we've known for a long time - like good old-fashioned mailing.

Also, it helped Jeff see where to put his effort and resources next. Even though he only uses free ways to reach people, it's still useful information. Remember, it's not just about money. The time your team spends is important too.

Will email stay on top, or will Twitter and Discord become more popular?

Jeff will soon find out, with new NFT collections coming up.

Check out JUMP’s website and connect with Jeff on LInkedIn for more details!

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