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BlogThe Great Cookie3 Bake Off Finale

The Great Cookie3 Bake Off Finale

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Antoni Boruszak

Marketing Manager

20 May '24

Our journey with The Great Cookie3 Bake Off campaign on Galxe has ended, and what a journey it was! From March 12th to May 19th, we joined forces with 21 amazing projects to bring you an unforgettable experience. Together, we created a prize pool of over $25,000 and gathered a whopping 290k participants from the Web3 community. Some of our partners have added cash prizes, which have already been drawn in Galxe - congratulations to the winners! Others decided to throw in some interesting prizes for the most persistent participants.


Who Gets the Prizes?

And now, the most important question: Who qualified for The Great Cookie3 Bake Off mystery box prizes?

If you’re in the top 3 on the Cookie3 Galxe leaderboard - we’ve got good news! The Great Cookie3 Bake Off rewards will be flowing your way! Prizes will be sent to the wallets linked to the Galxe account directly from the partners.In addition, the Cookie DAO will leave sweet points for the winners in the Cookie Bakery.Here’s a closer look at the amazing rewards offered by our partners:


Reward: Exclusive Discord Role

Description: Gain special recognition and access within the Rubic community on Discord.

Q Protocol

Reward: 1000 $QGOV Tokens

Push Protocol

Reward: $200 in $PUSH Tokens

Dyson Finance

Reward: 500 $DYSN and Tier 1 Membership NFT

Description: Dyson Membership NFT holders are able to earn the exclusive liquidity mining rewards in $DYSN when depositing dual investments. Tier 1 Membership NFTs represent the rarest and highest tier of members, enjoying the the fastest rate of earning $DYSN rewards


Reward: 8-11 bit Dmail NFT Domain

Description: The 8-11 digits NFT domain is deployed on the ICP network. Winners can log into Dmail DApp, click Presale and get it by themselves. Those who are added to the whitelist will be able to get NFT domains via this link https://mail.dmail.ai/presale

Notum Finance

Reward: SBT Token

Description: Holding this token means you'll get a full month of commission-free trading on the Notum platform, with no transaction limits. 


Reward: 10 Whitelists

Description:  Gain early access to new Aqua features - more information coming soon.

Second Live

Reward: SecondLive Official Uniform NFT

Description: By owning this NFT users have the chance to receive SecondLive LIVE token airdrop, as well as other future perks - https://secondlive.world/marketplace/imo/8632 


Reward: $1000 in 3vo Tokens

Description: 3vo is currently in pre-TGE stage. Winners will be able to claim their tokens 2 months after TGE. We’ll keep you posted on that!

Jasper Vault

Reward: Galxe Loyalty Points

Description: Accumulate Galxe loyalty points, enhancing your standing and rewards within the Jasper Vault community.


Reward: $10k worth of $COOKIE and $10k worth of $CGPT

Description: Winners will be awarded their prizes after the $COOKIE TGE event! Follow our socials to stay updated.


Thank You!

Reflecting on the journey, The Great Cookie3 Bake Off was a tremendous success! It not only united a vibrant community of MarketingFi enthusiasts but also provided an incredible opportunity for everyone to explore and engage with exciting new projects from the Cookie3 ecosystem.

We're truly grateful to our partners for their support in making this happen. And a big thank you to all of you for participating with such enthusiasm, making this event truly memorable.

Remember to always keep an eye on Cookie3 socials, exciting times are coming!