BlogDyson Finance Case Study: Revolutionizing DeFi with Data-Driven Web3 Marketing

Dyson Finance Case Study: Revolutionizing DeFi with Data-Driven Web3 Marketing

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Antoni Boruszak

Marketing Manager

31 Jan '24

Explore how Dyson Finance saves 16 working hours monthly and dives deep into their users preferences based on on-chain data.

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Dyson Finance is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on Polygon zkEVM and Linea. They have a huge community with more than 30,000 members on Discord and Telegram, and a busy X account (formerly Twitter) with over 35,000 followers. They also have a popular dApp with thousands of users. Seeing this, the Dyson Finance team wanted to take a better look at how they do marketing.

Today, we're going to explore Dyson Finance's findings from their Web3 marketing data analytics with Cookie3. We'll cover topics like building a community, finding great partnerships, and how well their campaigns are doing.

Table of content:

1. How Dyson Finance Cuts Down 16 Hours a Month in Marketing Analytics

2. Using Demographics to Build a Stronger Community

3. Finding Great Partnerships and New Ways to Get Customers

Let’s get into it 👇

How Dyson Finance Cuts Down 16 Hours a Month in Marketing Analytics

It's the fast-moving world of DeFi, time is everything. 

The Dyson Finance team did not really have time to dive deep into the vast world of data in Dune Analytics, Etherscan or Google Analytics. Since the team's workload intensified in November, finding the time to delve deeply into user data was nearly impossible. 


*Please bear in mind that all the images are from Demo account, not Dyson Finance's.

However, with the integration of Cookie3's Website analytics feature, what used to be a half-day task of focused work has been reduced to a matter of seconds. This change has not only saved significant time but also enabled the team to quickly access vital information about the state of their dApp’s website. 

Using Demographics to Build a Stronger Community

It's one thing to have lots of visitors, but knowing where your real users are? That's gold.

Before, Dyson Finance was kind of shooting in the dark, not really sure where their users were hanging out. But with Cookie3, they got the inside scoop on where their actual users, not visitors only are actually from.


This information was a game-changer. It allowed them to tailor their Discord channels to fit the unique vibe of different crypto communities from countries that were the most relevant, making them more engaging and personalized.

Finding Great Partnerships and New Ways to Get Customers

Dyson Finance, like many in the Web3 world, often relied on gut feelings about potential partnerships. They suspected, for example, that a significant portion of their user base was engaged with OKX. Enter Cookie3’s tab with CEX data, which not only confirmed this hunch but also highlighted the potential of this partnership. 


The result? An upcoming campaign with OKX that promises to be a major milestone for Dyson Finance.

But the story doesn’t end there. Cookie3's data also unveiled new territories for growth. A notable discovery was the frequent engagement of their users with popular cross chain bridges. This insight was a game-changer, providing Dyson Finance with new directions for expanding their user base.


As you can see, getting deeper into the user behavior, demographics and preferences can elevate your Web3 marketing. You can see which partnerships such as OKX in this case are worthwhile to continue or which dApps such as Stargate are a perfect match to synergize. 

Remember, Web3 marketing data analytics doesn’t have to be costly nor time consuming. Dyson Finance actually saved 16 working hours on a monthly basis with the proper tool such as Cookie3.