BlogHow to improve customer loyalty with Web3 solutions?

How to improve customer loyalty with Web3 solutions?

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Antoni Boruszak

Marketing Manager

23 Nov '23

Understand how the integration of NFTs, tokens, and the resulting interoperability will significantly enhance this marketing concept.


Cookie3 has recently partnered with the Loyalty+ initiative to offer attribution and user analytics data to customers committed to investing in loyalty programs and leveraging Web3 solutions.

To mark the launch of Loyalty+, Cookie3 hosted a webinar featuring industry experts, including:

  1. Jack Cameron, Co-Founder of Insomnia Labs,
  2. JC Oliver, Head of Strategy & Innovation at Co:Create,
  3. Antoni Boruszak, Customer Success Manager at Cookie3.

Let us share 3 best highlights of the webinar:

1. Data-driven Web3 marketing funnel

Check video there.

2. How Coca-Cola creates an intimate relationship with the customers using “physical NFTs”

Check video there.

3. How crossbrand collaboration based on tokens will improve loyalty programmes experience

Check video there.

Do you want to watch the whole webinar?

Check video there.