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Cookie3 in Numbers

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Antoni Boruszak

Marketing Manager

04 Mar '24

600M wallets and 9B on-chain transactions, 51K X followers and 104K community members, 23 Web3 and AI experts. After 3 years of hard work we present Cookie3, this time in numbers.



One day in 2021 Filip, then marketer, took a sip of his beer and asked his friend Wojciech: „How do Web3 marketers track campaigns if no tools connect website traffic to on-chain transactions?”. The answer was simple — they don’t. As e-commerce and social media already had marketing tools, it was obvious that Web3 needed one too. And that’s how Cookie3 was born. 

Now, over two years, 600M wallets analyzed, and 9B on-chain transactions processed later Cookie3 is embarking on a new journey, launching the first MarketingFi ecosystem. But none of it would have been possible without the strong off- and on-chain analytics foundation that Cookie3 had been developing since 2021. 

Let’s take a look at how Cookie3 performed over the last 3 years, in numbers. 

  1. How has the Cookie3 app performed so far?
  2. What are the minds behind the project?
  3. Is Cookie3’s MarketingFi becoming viral?
  4. What’s next for Cookie3? 🪂

How has the Cookie3 app performed so far?

Cookie3 was created in 2021 and two years later the first-ever app for Web3 marketers was released. Since then, its performance is something to be proud of.

If you’re still not sure what Cookie3 is, check out this video explainer or simply sign up.

Who’s in the Cookie3 ecosystem?


The Cookie3 app is already used by 150+ Web3 projects, including eeseePolkastarterGameSwiftMantle and chilliz.

Why is Cookie3 the leading B2B platform?

Cookie3 has become the leading B2B Web3 marketing platform thanks to its infrastructure and adoption. Our database consists of 9 billion transactions and 600 million wallets!


What’s more, 16 EVM blockchains are already integrated with more being added every quarter. 

What are the minds behind the project?

Building and infrastructure, app and adoption wouldn’t be possible without the top players in Web3. Cookie3’s team now consists of 23 experts in Web3, LLM, blockchain, AI from AXA, Deloitte or VISA.


You could have also met us at conferences around the world, including New York City, Singapore, Dubai, Berlin, Seoul, Austin, or Berlin. 

Check out Cookie3 CEO and co-founder, Filip Wielanier, social media profiles on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay connected.

Is Cookie3’s MarketingFi becoming viral?


In 2024 Cookie3 released a groundbreaking MarketingFi manifesto which initiated the new paradigm in Web3 marketing. It revolutionizes the $400 billion ad market by distributing the spending fairly between businesses, creators, and users. 

What’s next for Cookie3?

Cookie3 built solid foundations through the creation of the first element of its MarketingFi ecosystem - the B2B platform Now, with more to come soon, Coookie3 is bringing MarketingFi to life and changing one of the biggest digital markets forever. 

Follow us on social media, join the Cookie3 community, and complete quests. Some of you may be rewarded soon 🪂

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