BlogCookie3 Monthly Product Update for October

Cookie3 Monthly Product Update for October

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Antoni Boruszak

Marketing Manager

23 Nov '23

We're releasing major updates to on-chain goals, new integrations with Polygon, Avax, Base and Mantle, as well as dApp integration in data sources.

At Cookie3 we strongly believe in transparency. That’s why we want to sum up September in terms of product development and reveal what is coming up in October.

Let’s dive into Monthly Product Update below👇


What did we deliver in September?

  1. New integrations: boost marketing campaigns with on-chain goals from Linea, Optimism and Base.
  2. Strategic Collaboration: Kyber Network will help shaping Cookie3 (details in the comment).
  3. Cookie3 Plugin: Track website events for granular analytics.

What's coming in October?

1. 🚀 Advanced on-chain goals

Now, you can track the COUNT of on-chain transactions like number of token buys completed. But we noticed that some campaigns generate transactions less than $10, while others exceed $1000.

That's why advanced on-chain goals introduce the VOLUME.


Imagine you're a marketer at Uniswap and your task is to attract new users to provide liquidity for the UNI/ETH pair. You decided to use an ad protocol and a quest platform. In Cookie3 you set up a goal for LP >$100.


Ad protocol: 100 buys, 5 of them >$100

Quest platform: 50 buys, 25 of them >$100

Advanced on-chain goals bring more valuable insights into your Web3 campaigns.

2. ⛓️ New chains in town: Polygon, Mantle, Avax and Base.

Cookie3 users now get exclusive wallet insights across 5 EVM chains. This way Cookie3 will become the most comprehensive Web3 user analytics tool on the market.

3. 📲 dApps Integrated

Discover which dApps your users interacted with in the past or might be engaging with in the future, including big names like Uniswap Labs or OpenSea. This gives deeper insights into your community and competition research opportunities.

P.S. As a startup, we highly value your feedback, as it is crucial to our growth. Special thanks to Kyber NetworkFlooz xyz and Notum 🙏