BlogThe Great Cookie3 Bake Off Launches on Galxe with over $15,000 in Total Rewards

The Great Cookie3 Bake Off Launches on Galxe with over $15,000 in Total Rewards

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Krystyna Kozak-Kornacka

Chief Marketing Officer

12 Mar '24

MarketingFi connects projects, ecosystems, and their communities and onboarding quality users. Partnerships that help users navigate across projects are the way to ensure marketing engagement is rewarded.


As Cookie3 joins the MarketingFi economy, we’re launching a Galxe campaign with several projects from within and outside our ecosystem. We want to reward their audiences who wish to become Cookie3's early adopters and the rightful members of the MarketingFi economy. We planned rewards reaching over $15,000 (and the prize pool keeps growing as new partners join!).

How does The Great Cookie3 Bake Off work?

Launching on March 12th, The Great Cookie3 Bake Off will feature a collection of Galxe quests from Cookie3 and its partners. The campaign will end on May 11th, and users who complete all Cookie3 and partner quests will be entitled to mystery boxes with USDT, NFTs, partner tokens, and other rewards.

In addition, each partner quest will have a raffle reward of a minimum of $300 in USDT, so serious money is up for grabs across all partner campaigns and quests.

The kick-off quest is a series of Cookie3 social media tasks with a starter incentive of $5,000 in rewards. Those who learn about Cookie3's AI MarketingFi stack are in the running for big rewards and can earn even more from consecutive partner quests.

The First Great Cookie3 Bake Off Partner TBA This Week


This week, we'll announce our first partner for The Great Cookie3 Bake Off. We can tease that they come from the Web3 gaming space. They have over 100 integrated Web2 and Web3 games and a user base exceeding 100,000 gamers.

The first partner campaign will include a series of off- and on-chain. If you want to know more about how to be in the lead for the fantastic rewards from Cookie3 and our partner, join the AMA celebrating the campaign launch (more details will be released soon). 👇

Save the date!

🗓️ Time:  March 14th, at 6 pm CET
🎙️ Speakers: Web3 Gaming Project CBDO, Cookie3 CMO Krystyna Kozak-Kornacka

🚀 Topic: Rewards, Incentives, and Quality Communities

How to participate in The Great Cookie3 Bake Off

Getting yourself signed up for the Great Cookie3 Bake Off is a piece of cake (pun intended). All you need to do is to:

1. Visit the Cookie3 Galxe Page.

2. Open the Great Cookie3 Bake Off Campaign Collection.

3. Check what partner Discord Roles are needed to qualify for the $15k+ reward pool.

4. Navigate to and participate in all open Cookie3 and partner quests.

5. Watch out for the new partnership announcements and quests in the following weeks!

If you haven’t already, follow Cookie3 on social media and join our communities so you don’t miss out on exciting announcements and rewards!


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