BlogCookie3 Community Lead Program is Live

Cookie3 Community Lead Program is Live

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Krystyna Kozak-Kornacka

Chief Marketing Officer

09 Mar '24

The Cookie3 community is growing, so it’s time for our members to network, exchange experiences, and meet up in their regional Cookie3 communities. That’s why we are launching our Cookie3 Community Lead Program in search of Cookie Monsters ready to drive country—or language-specific Cookie3 communities across the globe. This blog covers the Cookie3 Community Lead Program, including information on how to qualify, apply, and learn about the perks. 🪂🍪


Introduction: The new meanders of the Cookie3 Community

The Cookie3 community is growing. And it’s growing FAST. Last week, we hit the milestone of 100K Twitter followers, our Telegram group has over 130K members, and we have over 20K+ people in the Cookie3 Discord. (Our latest AMA session peaked at 101 viewers at once!).


WOW... That’s something!

We see people joining Cookie3 from all over the world and want to give you an opportunity to network and chat all things Cookie3 in dedicated language groups and channels.

Our freshly baked Community Leads Program will drive language-specific Telegram and Discord groups and help our local communities connect online and IRL.

What does the Cookie3 Community Lead do?

The Cookie3 Community Lead is a member of the Cookie3 community with an established regional network. They help onboard new members into the Cookie3 community, translate official announcements and documentation, run special campaigns, and organize IRL meet-ups.

Every Community Lead runs a Cookie3 regional Telegram group and is granted permission to moderate a dedicated channel within the official Cookie3 Discord. The Cookie3 Community Lead ensures everyone in their community can access documents and communication about Cookie3 and are the first to hear new announcements.

Community Leads are Cookie3 regional ambassadors. They are our eyes, ears, and hands on the ground in various regions. They represent Cookie3, promote it to their communities, and provide valuable feedback about how we can better serve our users and followers. They are invaluable to building a truly inclusive and global MarketingFi economy.

What are the perks of being a Cookie3 Community Lead?


Once selected, Community Leads get access to special resources such as graphics and Cookie3-branded templates, campaign grants, event ticket sponsorship opportunities, merchandise, and exclusive meet-ups with the core team.

As the Cookie3 Community Lead, you are the first to hear about new developments and announcements so that you prepare the right materials to communicate news to your community. As we plan campaigns, we often ask for your feedback on announcing the news in the groups you run.

As communities grow, engage, and promote Cookie3, Community Leads will also unlock access to special rewards 🪂🍪, points, and the ability to earn exclusive Cookie3 merch.

The sky's the limit— we allow Cookie3 Community Leads to be creative, provide 1-2-1 support, and reward them for ideas that make Cookie3 shine. Nothing is impossible in MarketingFi 🍪

How to apply?


We hope to onboard Community Leads in a couple of targeted languages and regions, but we don’t limit ourselves to these communities only. Should there be applications from other regions and languages, we’re open to opening additional Cookie3 communities.

Our key targeted communities include:

- Cookie3 Japan 🇯🇵

- Cookie3 Turkey 🇹🇷

- Cookie3 Ukraine 🇺🇦

- Cookie3 Arabic 🇦🇪

- Cookie3 Korea 🇰🇷

- Cookie3 China 🇨🇳

- Cookie3 Germany 🇩🇪

- Cookie3 LATAM / Spanish 🇪🇸

Seems like you are a perfect fit?

The application process is simple:

  1. Read the community lead application guide.
  2. Apply via the application form.
  3. Get selected, meet with the Cookie3 team for the intro, and have a setup call.
  4. Time to get to work!

Our documentation describes the full role description, responsibilities, and perks related to the role, and we encourage all potential Community Leads to review it before applying.
In the meantime, if you have any questions or ideas on getting more involved in the Cookie3 community, let us know in our Cookie3 Telegram or Discord.