BlogThe $COOKIE Airdrop is here! How to participate?

The $COOKIE Airdrop is here! How to participate?

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Krystyna Kozak-Kornacka

Chief Marketing Officer

28 Mar '24

We’ve recently announced that the Cookie DAO-powered token $COOKIE is entering our Cookie3 multiplatform ecosystem. Now, we have even bigger news about the $COOKIE Airdrop, where EVERYONE is eligible. Read on to find out how to reach into the $COOKIE jar.



How many $COOKIEs have spilled for the airdrop?

There will be 5M $COOKIEs up for grabs.

How to participate?

Head to the Cookie Community site and earn leaderboard points in the Cookie Bakery through referrals and by interacting with our ecosystem projects.

How do I earn points?

The rules are straightforward, and there are several ways to rank up your points:

1. Interact with Cookie3_com Twitter content daily through the Cookie Bakery (coming soon).

2. Farm post impressions on Twitter whenever you mention Cookie3_com.

3. Refer friends and earn up to 32% of the points they earn in the $COOKIE Airdrop campaign.

4. Be an active user of our ecosystem projects (coming soon).

5. Complete time-sensitive special missions.

The $COOKIEs have spilled! Will you get the crumbs?

The $COOKIE jar is set to launch on ChainGPT Pad and Polkastarter in Q2 2024, allowing anyone to access and get their $COOKIEs. 

The Cookie DAO-powered $COOKIE token finds utility in all parts of the Cookie3 ecosystem, from Cookie3 Analytics and Cookie3 Airdrop Shield through Cookie3 Analytics to the user-facing platform Cookie3 Score (launching in Q3 2024).

It has been made official that the spilled $COOKIEs mean that some token supply is given away to the Cookie Community as a gamified airdrop.

The $COOKIE Airdrop campaign is available for everyone on the Cookie Community page.


How to get the $COOKIE Airdrop?

Participating in the $COOKIE Airdrop is easy. All you need to do is connect your wallet to the Cookie Community page and collect Airdrop Points.

There are several ways in which you can get more points. You can choose to partake in all activities or keep boosting your score with your favorite tasks only.

1. Warm points straight out of the cookie owen: the Cookie Bakery

The Cookie Bakery is the hub for your social engagement points. How to get started?

Step 1: Head to the Bakery quest page and connect with your wallet.

Make sure it is the same wallet you use on the Cookie Community page if you have connected there already!

Step 2: Bake out your Cookie3 Mascot NFT

Complete a series of social tasks to bake out your Cookie3 Mascot NFT and your bakery passport to collect your points.

Step 3: Start farming your $COOKIE Airdrop points.

1. Post about Cookie3_com on Twitter. Your post impressions will be counted, and you will receive points and a Cookie Mascot landing on the moon NFT in return.

2. Engage with Cookie3_com on Twitter daily (coming soon). Soon, you will see daily tasks with extra additions and props to your Cookie3 Mascot passport.

  • You will earn points by engaging with the Cookie3_com posts linked within the quest inside the bakery.
  • You will also earn points for posting quality content (and yes, we check it) by tagging Cookie3_com on Twitter.

Engagements are counted weekly, and then your points are added.

3. Participate in special missions. Sometimes, a special, time-sensitive mission will pop up in the Bakery, allowing users to get extra points, so keep your eyes peeled and keep coming back to the bakery for more!
Within the special missions, users who took part in previous Cookie3 quests can also claim extra airdrop points for their early involvement.

NFTs that users mint and develop within the Cookie Bakery will have special rights and utility across Cookie3 platforms in the future.


2. Grow your Cookie family and get more points

The second way to get the $COOKIE airdrop is through referrals. Connect your wallet on the Cookie Community page, go to the referrals tab on the Cookie Community page, and copy your unique link. Send it to friends and family (your Cookie children) and watch your leaderboard position grow as they interact with the Cookie Community. You get 16% of the points they earn, 8% of the points their invitees (your Cookie grandchildren) earn, and 4% of the points your Cookie great-grandchildren earn.

There might be family rewards in the future, so make sure you grow out your Cookie family tree!

If you have already connected to the Cookie Bakery page, use the same wallet!


3. Be an active user across the Cookie3 partner ecosystem (coming soon)

Have you been using a lot of Cookie3 partner projects already? Great news! ‘Free’ points are waiting for you! Or should we say not ‘free’ but rather the points you deserve since you’ve already done the work exploring these projects?

If you don’t know the Cookie3 ecosystem partners, don’t worry. You can still get the ecosystem partner points by exploring new projects.

Make sure you use the same wallet in the Cookie Bakery and on the Cookie Community page so that your points get added!

How to claim your $COOKIE Airdrop?

More information about claiming the $COOKIE Airdrop will be released at TGE in Q2 2024. Until then, make sure to hoard your points and be in the lead to more $COOKIEs.

Do you still have questions?

Join the Cookie3 communities, where our moderators will help you get all the answers you need.


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