BlogWebsite Analytics in Web3: Apraemio Case Study

Website Analytics in Web3: Apraemio Case Study

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Antoni Boruszak

Marketing Manager

24 Nov '23

Apraemio optimized their website using relevant Web3 marketing KPIs!


Apraemio stands out as a digital asset that not only preserves but enhances its value through an ever-expanding gold backing system.

Watch introduction to Apreamio.

The focal point of their website revolves around promoting their token - $APRA.

This emphasizes the importance of website analytics in identifying the most effective traffic sources, enabling the generation of more volume with the same resources.

Apraemio faced 3 daunting questions:

  1. What is the relevant KPI in Web3 performance marketing?
  2. What are our community demographics and their token holdings?
  3. Was the quest campaign genuinely successful?

What is the relevant KPI in Web3 performance marketing?

Web3 marketing teams should adapt the KPIs that they track on a regular basis. Tracking website visits or social media impressions is simply not enough.

The wallet conversion rate turned out to be the ideal KPI, allowing Apraemio's marketing team to compare campaign performances effectively.


With Cookie3 automating this calculation, Apraemio's marketing team efficiently reallocated budgets from campaigns generating irrelevant traffic, resulting in substantial cost savings.

What is our community demographics and token holdings?

Apraemio sought insights into demographics and token holdings, realizing that Google Analytics provided information on user origins but lacked on-chain details.


With Cookie3, Apraemio discovered that their community is truly global. Surprisingly, token holdings across continents were remarkably similar, dominated by stablecoins and ether.

Conclusion? Apraemio doesn't need to localize marketing efforts yet, as on-chain preferences are consistent across different countries.

Was the quest campaign actually successful?

In October 2023, Apraemio launched a quest campaign with the sole objective of acquiring as many active users as possible.

What was the outcome?

According to Cookie3, over 5,000 new users held $APRA token. 

However, further investigation revealed that the average wallet net worth was below $100, which is too low from the target persona profile.

This insight emphasizes the need to adjust future quests, ensuring they appeal to users with a higher balance.