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Cookie3 2023 Year in Review

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Antoni Boruszak

Marketing Manager

29 Dec '23

2023 was a tough year for every Web3 project, but Cookie3 pulled through spectacular results. Get to know what we developed product wise and how we improved our business.


The year 2023 was quite a ride for Cookie3.

We successfully launched the Private Beta, onboarded hundreds of Web3 marketing teams, and expanded our own team.

Let's delve into the highlights of 2023!

🍪 Cookie3 by Numbers

We’re data analytics company, so it’s best to start with solid numbers. 

The user base is growing

From the Private Beta 1.0 release in June , we managed to onboard more than 200 Web3 marketing teams, including Mantle, Game Swift, Kyber Network and more.

New chains on the block


We initially started with Ethereum and later integrated 11 new EVM blockchains into Cookie3, making our solution as comprehensive as possible.

The Cookie3 team is expanding

With the launch of the Private Beta, we required additional human resources to execute our GTM strategy and accelerate the product development.

As a result, 5 new people joined the Cookie3 team, increasing our total team size from 11 to 16.

🚀 Product Releases

The Private Beta launch allowed us to gather valuable feedback from early users.

Let's take a look at the most significant features we introduced this year.

Website Analytics: Understand Web3 traffic


You can now analyze how off-chain traffic converts into on-chain actions such as token swaps, NFT mints, liquidity provided, and more.

You can then focus on the marketing funnels that bring the most volume.

On-chain Explorer: Get to Know Any User Base From an On-chain Perspective


Set up target audiences based on holdings, net worth, activity, and more to understand Web3 user behavior, preferences and measurable metrics such as retention rate.

Advertise: Target Users On X

Advertise lets you target X (formerly Twitter) users based on data you gathered from blockchain and your website.

We Officially Shook Hands With the Best in the Game


Cookie3 could not reach the current position without partners. Happy to share that LineaMantleKyberSwapGameSwiftInsomnia LabsNotumFloozJUMP and Apraemio  trusted Cookie3 to become their official user & attribution analytics!

New Year's Wishes from Filip, CEO of Cookie3


👀 What's coming in 2024?

We can’t reveal yet, but the Web3 marketing scene won’t look the same.

Stay tuned and have a Happy New Year!

🍪 Cookie3 Team