BlogLook back at 2 years of Cookie3

Look back at 2 years of Cookie3

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Antoni Boruszak

Marketing Manager

27 Mar '24

It’s been two years since Cookie3 co-founders decided to bring AI to Web3 marketing. After analyzing 14 billion on-chain transactions across 20 blockchains, launching the biggest Web3 KOL aggregator, and introducing the first AI Data Layer for Web3 marketers, Cookie3 became not only a growth tool, but the MarketingFi ecosystem.


Let’s take a look at how Cookie3 accomplishes the vision of MarketingFi, and how you can get exposure to one of the fastest growing ecosystems

1. How has the Cookie3 Analytics performed so far?

2. What’s Cookie3 Affiliate, the biggest Web3 KOL platform?

3. Is Cookie3’s MarketingFi becoming viral?

4. What’s next for Cookie3 and its Cookie DAO’s (Cookie3 partner) $COOKIE token holders? 🪂

🧐 How has the Cookie3 Analytics performed so far?

Cookie3 Analytics was released in June 2023 as the first product of the MarketingFi ecosystem. It’s a leading Google Analytics alternative empowering Web3 marketers to understand their marketing stack in a data-driven fashion through AI Data Layer. The tool has been integrated by over 210 dApps (and counting), including Polkastarter, Mantle, WOO, GameSwift, and eesee.

🤖 Cookie3 Airdrop Shield: tier 1 anti-bot solution for airdrop campaigns


What’s more, Cookie3 Airdrop Shield, launched on top of Cookie3 Analytics in January 2024, allows Web3 projects to exclude bots from their airdrop campaign, saving millions of dollars. This way genuine community members, rather than bots or airdrop hunters, are rewarded for their engagement and loyalty, just in the spirit of MarketingFi. And guess what? $COOKIE stakers will receive a portion of those tokens!

📈 Why is Cookie3 the leading B2B platform?

Cookie3 has become the leading B2B Web3 marketing platform thanks to its infrastructure and adoption. Our database consists of 14 billion transactions and 900 million wallets, making it the biggest Web3 marketing AI Data Layer in the world.

What’s more, 20 EVM blockchains are already integrated with more being added every quarter. The multichain world is the future, and we’re already here.

🌍 What’s Cookie3 Affiliate, the biggest Web3 KOL platform?

Cookie3 Affiliate was launched in April 2024, and is undoubtedly the biggest KOL platform in the Web3 space. 17,900 KOLs (with the combined 389 MILLION followers) have already registered, so the KOL campaigns are more efficient, fair and AI-driven.

🔥 Is Cookie3’s MarketingFi becoming viral?

Over the last two years Cookie3 has gathered hundreds of thousands community members.

🐦 Twitter: 358,800 followers

👾 Discord: 134,700 members

📥 Telegram: 188,100 members

You could have also noticed partnership campaigns with brands like Linea, TraderJoe, ChainGPT, EARN'M, and many others.

🍪 What’s next for MarketingFi and $COOKIE holders?


Cookie3 built solid foundations through the creation of the first elements of its MarketingFi ecosystem - Cookie3 Analytics and Cookie3 Affiliate. With the soon to be launched Cookie3 Score app for end users, the team is bringing MarketingFi to life and transforming the $600 Billion market of digital marketing, which will be more fair, decentralized, and permissionless.


At the core of Cookie there’s a $COOKIE token powered by Cookie DAO. The holders and stakers will gain access to protocol fees on Cookie3 Affiliate, and multi-airdrop access on Cookie3 Score thanks to Cookie3 Airdrop Shield. The token will also be used for governance, so the Cookie community can shape the future of MarketingFi collectively.

Follow us on social media, join the Cookie3 community, and complete quests. Some of you may be rewarded very very soon 🪂

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