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Multi-Token Farming Rules for $COOKIE Stakers

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04 Jul '24


One of the core utilities of $COOKIE is access to endless airdrops from multiple projects across the Cookie3 Ecosystem. 

Two airdrops have already been announced from Quoto Finance and Lingo Islands, with more coming soon from EVM and non-EVEM (yes, Solana!) projects.

Today, with the Cookie DAO, we unveil the rules for stakers about participating in multi-token farming to receive airdrops from projects in the Cookie Ecosystem.

These rules will bound the Season Zero of multi-token farming, part of the $COOKIE 60-day First Movers campaign.

Please note: These rules are a proposal from Cookie3 and Cookie DAO to the community, and they might change before the first airdrop. We encourage the community to read the carefully read rules and engage in a discussion in Cookie3 Discord and Telegram as well as social media to improve the rules.

On Tuesday, June 9th at 15:30 UTC, we will hold a Townhall AMA with Cookie3 co-founder and CEO Filip Wielanier to discuss the airdrop farming rules and community feedback.


tl;dr: how to get multi-token airdrops for $COOKIE stakers

  1. Have $COOKIE staked in one of the regular staking pools and gain Cookie Points
  2. Monitor Cookie3 and Cookie DAO channels for multi-token farming announcements. 
  3. Once a multi-farming pool opens, apply to participate in the multi-token farming and receive an airdrop. Based on the amount of Cookie Points and your tier, you will receive certain allocation.Based on the amount of Cookie Points and your tier, you will receive certain allocation.The longer you stake, the higher your tier and the larger the airdrop you might be eligible for.
  4. Check if you were accepted in the guaranteed airdrop farming round.
  5. If accepted, locklock $COOKIE in dedicated pool to farm the tokenfarm the token.
  6. If you didn’t get chosen for a guaranteed round, participate in the FCFS round and lock $COOKIE to receive an yield for the farmed token.

Check out the last section to learn how these mechanics protect $COOKIE stakers and holders.

What is Multi-Token Farming for $COOKIE Stakers?

$COOKIE Multi-Token Farming is directed at all $COOKIE stakers. In addition to an up to 27% APY paid in $COOKIE, $COOKIE stakers get access to multiple airdrop farming opportunities from the Cookie3 Ecosystem.

Currently, the $COOKIE Stakers Airdrops come from:

1. Cookie3 Airdrop Shield: The Cookie3 Airdrop Shield allows projects to run AI-powered analytics on their participants to determine bots and Sybil attackers and exclude them from the airdrop. Once the project has decided who it will exclude and how much of the airdrop is ‘saved,’ Cookie3 takes a certain percentage of that ‘saved’ Airdrop as a fee and distributes it to $COOKIE stakers involved in multi-token farming. 

2. Cookie3 Affiliate Fair KOL Rounds: Cookie3 Affiliate allows projects to conduct fair KOL Rounds, onboarding KOLs and their communities as early investors in the projects’ tokens. Cookie3 takes a management fee in projects’ native tokens when conducting the rounds and distributes it to $COOKIE multi-token farmers. Currently, there are over 12 projects onboarding creators through Cookie3 Affiliate, and the rounds are over 4500% oversubscribed.

How do you participate in multi-token farming for $COOKIE stakers & receive airdrops from other projects?

To participate in multi-token farming, users must have $COOKIE staked in at least one of the staking pools: https://www.cookie.community/staking. This makes them eligible to apply for farming pools allocation where they lock $COOKIE for yield in  tokens of project using Cookie3 products.

Applying to the Token Farming Pools

Every airdrop secured as a reward for the $COOKIE stakers will have its own ‘Token Farming Pool,’ with a set airdrop supply and a limited number of participants who will receive a guaranteed airdrop.

To be included in the guaranteed airdrop, $COOKIE stakers must apply to a farming pool, which is equivalent to expressing an interest in participating in a given airdrop.

To apply for an airdrop, a user must:

  • Have $COOKIE tokens staked;
  • Sign with their wallet that they want to participate in a given airdrop for $COOKIE Stakers.

Based on their state, users will be assigned into tiers, which determine their airdrop pool eligibility. The tiers will be determined by Cookie Points that stakers gather based on the two factors:

  1. The value of their stake
  2. The length of their stake

For every tier there will be a set amount of users with a guaranteed airdrop allocation. 

Guaranteed Airdrop Rounds for $COOKIE Stakers

A raffle will be conducted for each token pool to select users eligible for a guaranteed spot in the multi-token airdrop farming pool.

To collect their airdrop, users must lock $COOKIE in a farming pool. The amount of $COOKIE that a user contributes to the farming pool will directly impact the amount of airdrop the user receives.

Depending on the tier in which the user was placed within the Token Farming Pool, they will see a pre-determined maximum amount of $COOKIE they can contribute to the farming pool and the maximum amount of the airdrop it will grant them.

Users don’t have to commit the full amount into the staking pool; however, if less is contributed, the users will receive a proportionally smaller airdrop.

The unclaimed airdrop from the guaranteed round will be moved to the first-come, first-served round, which will be open to all Token Farming Pool applicants who didn’t get into the main round.

First Come, First Served Round

If there is still space and unclaimed tokens left in the Token Farming Pools after conducting the guaranteed round, the FCFS (first come, first serve) round will open to everyone who applied for that airdrop pool.

In the FCFS round, users will be able to lock any amount of $COOKIE in the token Farming Pool for a corresponding airdrop until the farming pool is full.

More details about the upcoming airdrops and rules. If you have any feedback, please remember to attend the feedback session with Cookie3 co-founder and CEO Filip Wielanier or drop your feedback in the community.

We want Cookie3 to be a community-driven project. Therefore, we are giving you a voice in shaping how multi-token farming will work.