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Blog$COOKIE lists on Bybit, KuCoin, Gate.io, MEXC, and Bitget

$COOKIE lists on Bybit, KuCoin, Gate.io, MEXC, and Bitget

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Cookie DAO


13 Jun '24

The first MarketingFi and AI token hits the largest exchanges and brings endless airdrops from many projects to $COOKIE holders and stakers. In partnership with Cookie3, Cookie DAO changes the status quo of Web3 marketing once and for all.

June 13th, 2024, 10 AM UTC—British Virgin Islands—$COOKIE, the first MarketingFi and AI token, has hit the trading floor at 10 am UTC. The token, issued by the Cookie DAO, has seen enormous interest from the community prior to the listing and, similarly, is expected to generate a lot of buzz in the hours after launch. Currently, $COOKIE is listed on major crypto exchanges, which include Bybit, KuCoin, Gate.io, MEXC, Bitget, and PancakeSwap. The trading pair across all exchanges will be USDT.

The listing is the first opportunity for the community and retail audience to lay their hands on $COOKIE and trade it on the open market. The sentiment around the launch is not just positive, it's brimming with excitement and optimism across Cookie DAO’s partner—Cookie3—community chats and socials. This is especially true after the resounding success of $COOKIE IDO, conducted on ChainGPT Pad and Polkastarter, which sold out in less than one and two minutes on both launchpads.


“Today is a big day for $COOKIE and the Cookie DAO but predominantly for those who believe Web3 marketing can (and will) truly become MarketingFi,” the Cookie DAO spokesperson stated. “We know that the $COOKIE token is just the beginning of building this incredible ecosystem with our partner Cookie3, where decentralization, co-ownership, and fair value distribution are brought into marketing within this decentralized industry. At Cookie DAO, we are excited about the listing but also about what is yet to come and the airdrops $COOKIE stakers will soon receive.”

In addition to centralized exchanges, $COOKIE has also been listed on Pancake Swap (a decentralized exchange), and users can purchase it from an interface available directly from the Cookie DAO website.

$COOKIE Utilities

The $COOKIE token has several unique utilities within the Cookie Ecosystem - an ecosystem independently developed by both (i) Cookie3 Project creators and (ii) the community gathered around the solution - Cookie DAO. In addition to governance and staking utilities, $COOKIE garners several unique utilities related to the Cookie3 technology and platforms

1. The Cookie Ecosystem has allowed the $COOKIE token to issue endless airdrops to its stakes from projects using the Cookie3 platforms. This utility stems directly from the agreement between the Cookie DAO and Cookie3, which allows Cookie3 to give a proportion of tokens gathered from Cookie3 Airdrop Shield, Cookie3 Affiliate, and Cookie3 Score to the Cookie DAO, which then airdrops the tokens to $COOKIE stakers upon meeting specified criteria.

The Cookie DAO and Cookie3 have already announced the first airdrop that $COOKIE stakers will receive. This airdrop will come from Quoto Finance, a project accelerated by Cookie3. 


2. $COOKIE is also set to become the native in-platform token exchangeable for AI data credits within the Cookie Ecosystem. This means that projects and users wanting to access analytics and AI-processed data through Cookie3 will need to spend their $COOKIE tokens in exchange for Cookie3 AI data credits. The rising need for AI analytics on Web3 data will create a growing demand for $COOKIE.

3. Staking is another utility of the $COOKIE token. Cookie DAO promises attractive APY rates for all $COOKIE stakers. At the same time, users who stake their tokens within 72 hours after listing can benefit from a boost of up to 24% APY for the entire staking period.


4. Finally, the $COOKIE token has governance utilities regarding the future of the CookieDAO. Holders can vote on the token's future and decisions relating to the Cookie DAO fund and its treasury.

$COOKIE Backers

Before the listing, the Cookie DAO has built a solid list of VCs, backers, individual investors, creators, and advisors supporting the project from an early stage. The project has secured over 6M in funding from top Web3 VCs such as Animoca Brands or Spartan Group, key opinion leaders like Ivan on Tech or Altcoin Daily, and onboarding experienced advisors, including Diego Borgo or Sebastien Borget, Sandbox’s co-founder.


Listing is an essential milestone in every project’s lifecycle. Due to a close relationship between Cookie3 and Cookie DAO, $COOKIE is in a comfortable position of being integrated into an ecosystem that had been developed over the past 2,5 years, with an established team, and proven traction of analyzing 1B wallets, 14B transaction, working with over 18K Web3 KOLs, and having over 350test case forated into its e, which iscosystem.

The $COOKIE listing is a testament to Web3 marketing entering the MakretingFi era and being ready to adapt to the decentralized ownership economy of Web3.

About Cookie DAO

The Cookie DAO is a collective of MarketingFi enthusiasts aiming to bolster decentralization through innovative blockchain solutions. It created the $COOKIE token and injected it into the Cookie3 ecosystem to drive the MarketingFi ethos forward through governance and tokenized support. Anyone can become a member of the Cookie DAO. The sole requirement is to believe in MarketingFi and want to drive the MarketingFi economy forward. Cookie DAO members are encouraged to hold and stake $COOKIE for access to additional rewards and voting rights on matters relating to the Cookie DAO’s treasury and future.

For more information, visit cookie.community.

About Cookie3

Together with Cookie DAO, Cookie3 constitutes the Cookie Ecosystem. Cookie3 pioneers MarketingFi with an AI Data Layer— a transparent marketing economy unlocking value for Web3 users, creators, and businesses, with over 300 dapps such as Kyber Swap, Mantle, Polkastarter, Linea, GameSwift, eesee, and Insomnia Labs already using Cookie3 technology. To realize its mission, Cookie3 is building a set of MarketingFi platforms and Web3 AI marketing solutions that connect projects with the right audiences, creating profitable opportunities for both. Cookie3 uses off- and on-chain analytics alongside a Web3 AI data layer to ensure only valuable user and project interactions benefit from the MarketingFi ecosystem. In an economy where lines between business owners, investors, and consumers are blurred, effective marketing becomes collaborative, and value flows freely between all stakeholders. With its unique set of tools, Cookie3 is positioned to become the Google Analytics of Web3.

For more information, visit  cookie3.com

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