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Blog$COOKIE FIRST MOVERS Campaign is Here - How to take part for 120% APY

$COOKIE FIRST MOVERS Campaign is Here - How to take part for 120% APY

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Cookie DAO


20 Jun '24

Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for the most hyped campaign Web3 has ever seen.


With a $52M trading volume on the listing day and over 10K holders, $COOKIE is moving. Called by many the “low cap gem,” a 60-day $COOKIE FIRST MOVERS bullish campaign is now live!

$COOKIE FIRST MOVERS is a 60-day sprint that will reward the early $COOKIE community members (yes, that’s you!) during $COOKIE’s largest growth phase when more and more people learn about it and join the hype.

Get ready for:

- 120% APY staking for early holders

- Multi-token farming

- Upfront yield for live airdrops

- Referral campaigns with the largest Web3 creators

- New $COOKIE Utilities 

- New product for retail users 👀

- Bonuses for the community

- $COOKIE Ambassador program


- MAJOR exchanges listing

- non-EVM chain integrations

- Regional Markets Expansion

- More and bigger partners (already announced: Polygon, Bybit)

The $COOKIE FIRST MOVERS sprint starts today with an exclusive, time-limited $COOKIE 30-day lock staking pool with a staggering 120% APY, available only for 1M $COOKIE. The places in the pool are limited on a first-come, first-served basis.

Additionally, all current stakers will receive an extra 10% of the amount they already staked on the 30-, 90-, 180-, and 365-days pools and 5% on the 14-days pool. Snapshot of the current stakers was taken.

Get ready. This is just the beginning. Stake $COOKIE in the FIRST MOVERS pool now: https://www.cookie.community/staking

Get in now, as the rules are easier, and the rewards are bigger for the early adopters!