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Cookie3 Ambassador Program is LIVE

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Krystyna Kozak-Kornacka

Chief Marketing Officer

01 Jul '24

Are you an active member of the Cookie Community? Do you have your own community that follows your advice and discusses new gems and events in Web3? Do you want to be able to give your community a heads-up about Cookie3 and the $COOKIE token? Do you want special Cookie3 access, merch, and deals for yourself and your community? Yes? You’re in luck because we’ve just opened the Cookie3 Ambassador Program.


What Does a Cookie3 Ambassador Do?

A Cookie3 Ambassador is the ultimate $COOKIE hype-maker. Your social media should be buzzing with $COOKIE content. Write threads, analyze charts, create YouTube or TikTok videos - do whatever suits your style best, but let everyone know you're a true $COOKIE OG. Show the world why you believe in $COOKIE and why they should start #COOKIEing with you. 

Remember, as an ambassador, you represent Cookie3. Maintaining a positive image for our project is essential.

What Are the Perks of Being a Cookie3 Ambassador?

Recognition and Respect in Web3

Already a big-shot ambassador? Level up with us, go even bigger, and get ready to shine brighter than ever. Was earning the respect of the guys in the hood your biggest dream? As a Cookie3 ambassador, you have first-hand access to $COOKIE and Cookie3 alpha, making you an opinion leader and first caller to your community!

Ambassador Ranks and Welcome Pack

Rack up points through your activities and dominate the leaderboard. There are 3 ranks of being an ambassador: 

Tier 1 - FOMO Maker

Tier 2 - Cookie Hustler 

Tier 3 - Cookie Chef

Score points by hyping Cookie3 on social media and snag rewards you can't get anywhere else. The higher the level, the better the rewards. 

We've also prepared a special Ambassador Pack for hitting a specific point threshold, so everyone knows you and Cookie3 are one. Achieve that milestone and drop an unboxing video to flex your goodies and share the hype!

Exclusive Access to Educational Materials and Resources

As an ambassador, you gain access to a dedicated wiki page filled with educational materials and promotional assets. These resources will help you create compelling content to share with your audience.

Bi-Weekly Meetings with the Cookie3 Team

Join our bi-weekly meetings with the Cookie3 CEO and team members. These sessions are your chance to ask questions, share feedback, and discuss the future direction of Cookie3, giving you a real opportunity to influence our path.

Networking with Cookie3 Partners

Gain exclusive access to networking sessions with our partners. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with key players in the Web3 space, exchange ideas, and collaborate on exciting initiatives.

Special Discord Role and Channel

Receive an ambassador role on our Discord server and gain access to a special channel where you can plan cross-promotional activities with other ambassadors. Collaborate, brainstorm, and amplify your efforts together.

Participation in Cookie3 Campaigns

Engage in Cookie3 campaigns by hosting the team for AMAs on your channels, inviting your community to join our events, and more. Incite the Cookie3 core team to your AMAs. Your involvement is crucial to our success, and we encourage you to take an active role.

Promotion Grants

If you have a creative idea for a special campaign or meet-up that requires financial support, you can apply for promotion grants. We’re here to empower you to execute your innovative ideas and back you up with the necessary resources.

Not Chosen as an Ambassador? No Problem!

Even if you’re not selected as an ambassador right away, we still encourage you to engage and create content with Cookie3. Our core team closely monitors the community and recognizes those who shine bright. If you actively participate in discussions and share your knowledge about Cookie3, you may be directly contacted by our team and offered an ambassador role. Your dedication and enthusiasm won’t go unnoticed!

Wanna join the ride?

1. Read the ambassador program application guide.

2. Apply via the application form.

3. Wait for the contact from Cookie3 Team.

Please note that we will only contact the selected by Cookie3 team ambassadors.